Monday, June 12, 2006

Natalie Gulbis Biography!

American Golfer & LPGA Sex Symbol Natalie Gulbis.
Natalie Gulbis is 5 foot 9 inch with blond hair, blue-green eyes and long legs.

Natalie Gulbis started playing golf at the age of 4, since her father, John Gulbis, encouraged her to play golf.

Female golfers by and large have the reputation of being fine athletes, but rather unglamorous women. Natalie Gulbis changes all that. With the beauty of a professional model and incredible talent on the links, Natalie defies all conventions of what it means to be a female golfer. As she struggles to prove that a young, beautiful woman can be taken seriously in this sport, Natalie is drawing more and more attention to the game.

Natalie Gulbis' likes working out and running.

Currently Natalie Gulbis endorses Adidas, Amstel Light, Genisoy, Maxfli, Metrx and TaylorMade. In 2005 Natalie Gulbis earned 1 million dollars in prize money but without a win.

Natalie Gulbis released her swimsuit calander for 2005 & 2006, which was a sellout.

More info can be obtained from her official website and Natalie Gulbis.


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